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"Offering clients clear guidance to achieve lifelong results is my motivation."

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Hi, I'm Josh.

My passion for health and fitness is based on years of active participation in professional sport and an ambition to support others in achieving their own fitness goals.

When it comes to dropping a few inches, a few pounds or even a dress size, the principles are simple, but it isn’t easy. I offer honest guidance towards a final result that will seem effortless and effective.

Core Values/Key Benefits

Transparency & Honesty 

The fundamental of getting results is to be honest with each other and ourselves.

Consistency and Routine 

The best routine is the one that you can see yourself doing in years to come - in essence - keeping you consistent.


For yourself and to others. I am here to keep you accountable but also help you be accountable in your own choices and actions.  

Balance & Fun 

The more you enjoy it the more you’ll maintain it. We need to find what is best for your lifestyle.

Rest & Recuperation 

Sleep is the best supplement in your life. Plus it's free and readily available.

Want to know how many calories you should be consuming each day?

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