Client Stories


Client Stories

My mission is to find you sustainable, realistic and enjoyable results. Whilst using a non-bullshit approach to the fitness industry and a holistic approach as a coach. Watch some stories, some of my old and current clients have to say.

Meet some members of the #GETSUSSED community and their fantastic results.


Jacquie only started off wanting a few months of training to learn how to train and understand the basic principles of nutrition. Here we are 6 years later, with an initial goal of weight loss which she only went and smashed we moved on to new goals. 3 stone lighter and is now a Scottish record holder for the deadlift. Jacquie continues to use the basics that she learned and continues to accomplish new goals weekly.  


Phil came back from Europe with a goal in mind, through discipline and commitment he managed to shift the weight he wanted and gained the knowledge that as long as things are monitored and accounted for baguettes and croissants fit into anyone's diet!




With the right guidance, David managed to shift 2 stone, even during the pandemic using the newly found principles and education he maintained and managed his weight to put him in the best possible position for when normality came back. 

Client Results 

"A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."